How to Burn PS2 Games

As a PS2 owner, inevitably there will come a time when you will want to know how to burn PS2 games.  Let's face it, over time your games get scratched, get lost, or otherwise unreadable.  You spend good money for your games so you should expect to have them for the life of your PS2!  This site was created to give PS2 owners the information and resources needed to copy their PS2 games so no matter what happens to the original, you'll always have a backup!  The info provided here is from experience gained over several years of gaming. Tried and tested methods and options that are the most cost effective, reliable, and user friendly!

After reading through our website, you'll know how to burn PS2 games like a champ and have the tools and resources to make it happen!  Copying PS2 games is not rocket science but it isn't like using a magic wand and saying abbra cadabbra either.  It requires a small amount of your time and the right tools.  To get started you'll need three things.  You'll need Compatible copy software, appropriate copy media, and a PS2 mod chip or boot disc.  We will discuss each and provide you with several options to match your needs and preference.

Game Copy Software

In order to burn your PS2 games, you'll need quality copy software!  There are a lot of programs out there but they definitely are NOT created equal!  Before we get into the details, our personal preference after trying numerous programs is Game Copy Pro.  For price, quality, and ease of use Game Copy Pro is #1 in our book!

In choosing copy software you need to make sure that #1, it supports PS2 games.  Next, be sure it can overcome FADE anti-piracy protection which overtime gradually degrades copied games to the point that they become unplayable.  Other important factors are how easy the software is to use, quality it produces, and quality of the software companies support.  Game Copy Pro delivers all of this and more.

Game Copy Pro

Designed for easy backup duplication of your video game discs.  Anyone who has ever owned video games knows how they get scratched, lost, or otherwise become unreadable. Not anymore!

:: Perfect 1:1 disc image clone for video games
:: Easy to use - Point and click - Done!
:: NO sound or video loss quality
:: Copy all game disc features
:: Supports both CD and DVD games

Read more about Game Copy Pro and see our picks for competitive products or check out Game Copy Pro to see all features and more information.

Appropriate Copy Media

PS2 games come in two formats, CD-ROMs and DVDs.  When making copies of your PS2 video games, you can use the popular media formats such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and CD-RW.  Any of the popular brands providing discs will do.  When making backup copies, please be aware that generally it is legal to do so to account for lost or broken discs.  You should be the original owner of the discs you are copying.  Owning and or using pirated games is of course illegal.

PS2 Mod Chips and Boot Discs

The last step in learning how to burn PS2 games is deciding upon what method you want to use to be able to play your PS2 games.  After using software like Game Copy Pro to actually copy your games, you will need a PS2 mod chip or boot disc to finally play it on your console.  The choice boils down to preference and how much effort you want to invest.

Mod Chips

PS2 Mod Chips are electronic chips that can be added to your PS2. Once installed, the  PS2 mod chip will allow you to play your backup games.  There are two types of mod chips, solder and non-solder.  Both require you to open your PS2 and modify your console.  Installing a mod chip isn't really difficult but your experience and skill with a soldering iron will determine just how easy or difficult it becomes.

We don't provide a mod chip instructional guide, but you may want to visit this PS2 Mod Chip site for tips and more info.  We personally suggest the Modchipstore and PS2Cover for purchasing PS2 mod chips.  Be aware that any modifications to your console voids your warranty.

Boot Discs

Boot Discs are the perfect solution for those PS2 owners who do not want to perform digital surgery on their consoles.  Unlike using mod chips where you are required to open your console and install them, boot discs are much easier to use and require no modification to your console at all.

With boot discs you place them into your PS2 game console before inserting and using your backup copies.  Besides being a much simpler method as opposed to installing  a mod chip, using boot discs will not void your PS2 warranty like installing a mod chip will.  Again we suggest the Modchipstore or PS2Cover.  PS2Cover also has the Flip Top Cover which makes changing discs quick and easy!

How to Burn PS2 Games - Summary

You now have the three basic steps you need to learn how to burn PS2 gamesGame Copy Pro makes it extremely easy to copy your games!  It really is a simple matter of installing the software, point and click, and DONE!  You now have a backed up copy of all your games!  Then just decide whether you want to modify your console or use boot discs.  The prices at Modchipstore and PS2Cover are very reasonable and the best we have found online.  Once you install your mod chip or use boot discs, you'll be teaching all your friends how to burn PS2 games!